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Sugrah SZ  - Solar powered Electric tricycle

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Sugrah EZ & MZ  - India's best electric and manual tricycle

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riding position

Sturdy fork

3 speed gears

All wheel drum brakes & durable wheels


Light weight Aluminium panels

Robust Chassis

Twin chain tensioners

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India’s only tricycle with -

3 speed gearsHelps to carry loads up to 300 kg. It makes pedalling very light and efficient. Makes it possible to climb inclined roads.

• All wheel drum brakesIt enables the vehicle to stop within the shortest distance.

• Parking brake Can park the vehicle in all kinds of surfaces safely.

• Twin chain tensionersMaintains the right chain tension, preventing frequent chain derailment and loss of traction.


Stand out features like -

• Height adjustable roof protects the rider from scorching sun and drenching rain.

• Ergonomic seatingGives fatigue free rides for longer duration

• Sturdy chassis and forkEnsures the vehicle performs optimally without any breakdown

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